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Nevala Nature Farm and Healing Sauna

Welcome to North Karelia, in the embrace of nature in Heraniemi, Kontiolahti. The breathtaking landscapes of Koli National Park, expansive forests, and surrounding waterways invite you to explore in every season. At Nevala, you can rest during your hike, relax in the healing sauna, and admire the beautiful traditional landscapes and rich natural diversity.

Our Services

Please contact before visiting:

Phone: +358 44 9330388


Please leave a message if I cannot answer immediately.



Homestay with Breakfast in Koli’s Traditional Landscape

Experience a cozy stay in Koli's traditional landscapes. We offer yurt and barn accommodations close to the Herajärvi Trail. Your stay includes a homemade breakfast and bed linens.


Discover Folk Traditions in Our Sauna Rituals

At Nevala, you’ll be enveloped by the scent of local herbs, the echoes of sauna songs, the soothing heat of a wood-burning stove, and the wind blowing outside. Sauna rituals are a healing folk tradition providing grounding and empowering experiences.


Nature Guides and Custom nature Courses in Koli

Strengthen your connection with nature, find tranquility, and explore folk traditions. I offer nature guiding as day trips in Koli, wilderness dining experiences, and traditional courses upon request for groups of various sizes.


Book Accommodation, a custom course or sauna treatments

Phone: +358 44 9330388



Traditional homestay Near Koli National Park

Honoring Traditions

Nevala Nature Farm is an authentic, tradition-preserving homestay near Koli National Park. All our services are designed with the environment in mind. At the heart of our business is the care for the farm and its traditions. Visitors can stay, explore, and organize various events, all while honoring traditional values.

Central Location in Koli

You can access the Herajärvi Trail and nearby Havukkalampi directly from our yard via a connecting path. The yard features over ten log buildings scattered across meadows, a pond 200 meters away, and extensive protected forests. The surroundings include wild nature, beautiful meadows, sheep, and goats, all near the national park.

Accommodation Pricing

Barn Accommodation:

€50/person (includes breakfast)

Yurt Accommodation:

€50/person (includes breakfast)

Homestay Accommodation (includes breakfast):


  • €75 for 1 person

  • €130 for 2 people

  • €180 for 3 people

  • €220 for 4 people

Sheet for bed: €8/person

Please inquire for a quote if you plan to stay multiple nights or wish to combine services.

Pricing of Sauna treatments and other services

Washing & Massage: €50

Healing Whisking: €80

Herbal Sauna: from €75/person

Spruce Sauna: €250 (max 5 people)

Peat Sauna: €80/person

Rose Sauna: €70/person

Honey Sauna: €65/person 

Bridal Sauna: from €250 for 1-6 people

Love-Boosting Sauna: from €250 (max 5 people)

Couple's Sauna: from €150

Traditional Sauna: €40/2 hours

Other Services


  • Nature Guides

  • Nature-Based Program Services

  • Wilderness Dining

  • Snowshoe Wilderness Walks

These services are provided by request. Please contact and ask for a price.



Experience the serenity of nature, indulge in traditional Eastern Finland culture with sauna treatments and take advantage of our versatile accommodation options. All services are available by request.


Contact us:


044 933 0388

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